How Serene Branson should handle the best thing that ever happened to her.

8 May

For those of you not up on the latest gossip, Serene Branson, a reporter for CBS 2 L.A., seems to have suffered a mild stroke while reporting on the Grammy awards last week. A video of the report, with Serene’s speech tragically transformed into gibberish, has gone viral.

Unfortunately, she left it up to the station to cover her PR for her. So stupid. They, of course, want to cover their assets, and have said the whole thing was nothing, Serene is in perfect working order. She seems to be going along with this, and is even sacrificing her health so she doesn’t look weak.

What is wrong with these people? Sacrificing your health?? The whole thing should blow any rational person’s mind. Let me break it down.

Serene is stuck working for a local news station because she’s just another good-looking blonde working on TV. Finally, she has an edge- publicity. What she needs to do now is show how she’s different from the crowd. Nobody can relate to her because she’s presented as a perfect person. She needs to let people see the human side behind the perfect mask. How? By exploiting her already public suffering, of course. She’s the victim here. She tried to do her best, but she was struck down, like all the rest of us. And her evil employer didn’t care about her health, only about how she could perform. But she decided to live for herself, and took the courageous step of going to the doctor.

It’s almost too perfect. Now pour on some emotions to ice this thing off. You know, how scared she is getting her prognosis, her anxiety of how to live with constant worry about a possible recurrence. Now speak on Dr. Phil, Oprah, etc, and bingo, she’s working for NBC national, in line for Katie Couric’s job down the road.

For the love of Carrie Prejean: Serene, don’t waste your golden opportunity/life-threatening mini-stroke!


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