Why Do Secular Jews Love Stephen Colbert?

15 May

Come on, you might as well ask, “Why are Frum Jews racist?”. That’s just the way God made ’em. OK fine, I’ll try to give a better answer.

The way I see it, people naturally bind themselves into groups for safety. The biggest of these get to own countries, and make the rules. Unless they have something that the bigger groups want, smaller groups’ (minorities’) concerns are usually not taken into account, especially if they are not part of the founding group. Hey, it’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, azoiii geiiit dus, the thircle of life (The Lion King, Belz boys choir edition). That’s why minorities stick together, and form things like unions. To get leverage so they won’t be stepped on.

Now, the Jews who have lived in this country for a while are generally not very religious anymore, if at all. They identify themselves as simple minorities trying to make it here like everyone else. Their parents and grandparents grew up with a lot of prejudice and outright anti-semitism against them. They try to fit in as best as they can, but the real safety they’ve always seen has been the progressive party, the liberal Democratic party which, at least in theory, fights for the underdog. This is also why Jews stood together with Blacks since the 60’s. They were standing with their fellow minorities, against the dominant WASP, Conservative, machine. The fact that the dominant White parties the world over let their people be destroyed in WWII didn’t help things that much either.

OK, so why are Frum Jews generally Conservative and racist? It’s because they are religious and see themselves allied with the party with more traditional Christian values. They don’t care as much about rights and freedoms as about keeping their religion intact. So the Conservative party is a natural ally. The party’s generally positive attitude towards Israel since the Nixon era helps as well here. And what about hating Black people? Black people are seen to act with lower moral standards than White people. Therefore they are perceived as a threat. (There are many sociological factors for this, I know. I’m not a moron. Nor am I blaming. I’m simply saying how Black culture comes across.) However, they are not racist in the usual sense of the prototypical southern racist. Most really do just hate the behavior. But if they have to dismiss an entire race of people to keep their religion safe, then that’s what they’ll do. Even though most know that public opinion thinks racism is evil. They feel justified. And, like all other Jews, they’re extremely opinionated.


2 Responses to “Why Do Secular Jews Love Stephen Colbert?”

  1. Synapse May 18, 2011 at 7:01 am #

    I’m a frum Jew, and I love Stephen Colbert.

    Frum Jews are often racist because they live in racially tense areas (i.e. New York, Chicago, Israel, etc). Frum Jews from the midwest, like myself, tend to be much more tolerant and “normalized.”

    Frum Jews are often conservative simply because they are told to be. It goes along with the religious attitudes of follow the leader/gadol. Rav X says this is treif, and 100 rabbis saying it’s kosher couldn’t make it any more acceptable. So to, the conservative party agrees with us in 1 or 2 ways that we’ve deemed important, so we shall now defend it to the death even when it is contrary to halacha.

    As a side point, I don’t think any political party fully agrees with Torah. Libertarianism is the best way to go for a frum jew today imo.

    • itchemeyer May 18, 2011 at 9:13 am #

      Your first point makes sense except for the many New York Jewish liberals not being racists.

      Your second point is good too. I was explaining why the
      Frum leadership chooses to support the Republican party. Personally, I think that anyone who follows either party’s line on every issue likes being told what to do and not having to think for himself.

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