Lag B’omer Memories

20 May

I sent out some feelers for some good Lag Ba’omer stories and got these back:

By Benkaye:

Yesterday I went and saw System of a Down live in concert. About a month ago, I spent twenty minutes making sure the date of the concert didn’t clash with Shavuot or any other untimely Jewish holiday that would make my ticket unusable. Sure that there was nothing, I purchased the ticket feeling like a million bucks. Minutes after purchasing, I got one of those “count the omer emails” and I suddenly remembered the entire no live music thing. I have never in my life gone from feeling like an angel to feeling like a bucket of dog shit that quickly.

I went to the concert because I looked through every sefer and website around, avoided asking my rabbi, and determined HOW bad it was to go. Turns out, it isn’t so bad. You could write up a guide to sefira loopholes that are actually legit.
I like that Sefira loophole guide idea. Technically, that’s an Omer story, but it was good enough to let slide. Here’s Benkaye’s Lag Ba’omer story:
My school went to a small village in BC (I’m assuming British Columbia) for a Lag Ba’omer trip. We stayed there over night, completely trashed the main lobby of the hotel, and the staff woke up to forty guys sleeping on the floor and on couches of the lobby because the rooms they gave us were too cold.
Kick. Butt.

By Flatbushguy:
There was this small chassidish shul a few blocks from our Yeshiva that was known to have a fun party and easy booze. This news got around Brooklyn, because when we got there, there was the small shul with a few chassidim singing R’ Shimon Bar Yochai songs while dancing around a small bonfire, and a billion dropouts/regular modern orthodox teenagers from across Flatbush. They literally covered the entire street for about two blocks. (Scientists say dropouts can pick out one particle of free booze in a thousand shtiblach.) We roamed around the packs of guys, making eyes at the girls across some invisible boundary across the street, dancing, trying to hock our way into the shul to get some alcohol, when some of the dropouts started to disregard the invisible line. The chassidim were outraged and told everyone to go home, they were closing up shop. Nobody listened, and they started spraying everyone with a hose. I was just starting to talk to this girl when they started spraying and she left. Eventually, they gave up and went inside the shul and locked it. Meanwhile, one of our guys got pushed down by a tougher punk yeshiva kid, and we started to fake fight and threaten him. I don’t remember how we got the alcohol, but later we all got plastered.
Nice! Brings back warm memories.

By A friend of mine:
One year we went to Crown Heights because we heard the party was supposed to be good. When we got there, it was late and there was barely anyone around the fires. Some old Lubavitcher dudes were pouring out shots of vodka for a dollar each from some contraption hung around their necks. It was nothing special, sorry. I did hear a good story about the Rebbe from a Lubavitcher that night though. His father asked where he should invest his money or something. The Rebbe told him where, and the guy lost everything. They never tell you that one, right? We also went to a farbrengin near 770 but it sucked. Everyone was saying Divrei Torah in Yiddish and there was barely any alcohol.
Okay, kind of a downer. Have a great Lag Ba’omer! And if you have any more stories, send them in fast so I can put them up.

3 Responses to “Lag B’omer Memories”

  1. BoxedWhine May 20, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    How do you own disooooooorder…….

    System, man, that brings back some pretty hardcore memories of going off in high school and college. Does anyone else remember The Offspring?

    • Ben Kaye May 20, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

      Of course I remember Offspring, definitely one of the most unique punk bands around.
      And weird al’s best parody comes from them too.

      Wish I could see them live >.>


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