Torrent Infringement

24 May

I think I might have seen the funniest thing ever. I was looking at torrents and I come across one that has a certain popular torrent creator’s signature (let’s call him faxxo), with a bunch of comments “Terrible”, “Not Real Faxxo”, “Can’t See Anything”. And a little bit down on the comments list is one from a guy who says he’s the actual Faxxo, and he’s outraged. This is a piece of shit copy! If you’re going to steal my name, at least do a good job. I work hard to make good copies so that downloaders can always know that faxxo means quality downloads.

I understand that you’re pissed. You put in all this hard work and someone just goes ahead and steals it right out from under you. But can’t you see even the teensiest amount of irony here? Maybe you should track this guy down and bring him to court for using your name. Is the irony coming through yet?

Face it man, in the gritty criminal underbelly of torrenting society, copyright law is the first thing to go. Either that or your innocence. I’m unclear.

Bonus for torrenters: This is funny.


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