Explaining Pro Baseball To A 6 Year Old

26 May

I was watching a baseball game with my 6 year old nephew when he asks me, “What team is that man on?”

“He’s on the Toronto Blue Jays”. This is funny to him.

“Hahahaha, like Toronto!”

“Exactly. That’s where those men live, Toronto. They flew to Detroit on a plane to play the Tigers.”


“No, seriously. It’s not a joke.”


“Yeah. And they get paid to play baseball.”

“You’re making a joke, right?”

“No, really. It’s not like the time machine to fast forward commercials that I was just telling you about. This is real. Do you know how much money they get paid to play baseball?”

“How much?”

“Millions and millions of dollars.”

“Hahaha! You’re joking. That’s not true.”

I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t believe me. That’s cool though. I think it’s about time we had a discussion about the need to sublimate natural tendencies in society anyhow.


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