Thoughts on Weiner’s weiner

10 Jun

Hmm, what should the byline be? “The long and short of it.” “Not taking it lying down.” “Having trouble covering up.” “Weiner holding on for dear life.” “Pressure on Weiner starting to show.” The possibilities are endless with this goldmine. If you want more, Hulu has done a nice job of putting together a pretty hilarious “Late-night Anthony Weiner joke symposium”. (Make sure you watch Jimmy Fallon’s piece.) So, since the late night chevra has the comedy angle covered, I figured I’d philosophize about the current comedy feeding frenzy, and about the general state of TV comedy today.

Like I said in the Schwarzenegger/DSK post, politicians getting caught with their pants down is something everybody finds funny. Why though? I think the answer is simple. Comedy is a tool we can use to ‘count the whiskers on the beast’. To give an outlet to the feelings of oppression we feel from forces out of our control. It’s usually not funny to make jokes about people suffering. They aren’t oppressing us, so it’s wrong. However, when other people are pulling the strings that affect our lives, and corrupt career politicians are giving pompous speeches telling us what needs to change while secretly pursuing their own agenda, then when they make stupid mistakes that we can hold over them and cut them down to human size, we jump on it. Then, even Jon Stewart can make quality jokes without feeling the need to politicize it.

What do I have against Jon Stewart?! He’s a stupid, manipulative putz. He clearly has an agenda that he pushes while trying to pass himself off as a comedian. I’m sorry, but comedians can’t promote political parties. Your job is to be on my side against the authority. Promoting the Democratic party’s positions and candidates makes you the enemy. I’ll go for some real comedy, like South Park, or Malcolm In The Middle, or The Nanny.

And while we’re on the subject, The Office is not a comedy. It’s a soap opera with terrible jokes sprinkled in randomly. Conversely, Family Guy is a comedy, but it sucks. It has a bunch of random, bad jokes with a tiny bit of plot sprinkled in. The Simpsons passes because even though the plots are usually lame, and Lisa is preachy, the jokes are funny. After South Park, which is in it’s own league really, Community is the best comedy on TV.

Other good comedy shows over the years have been:

-That 70’s show

-Everybody loves Raymond

-The George Lopez Show

-The Jersey Shore

-The I.T. Crowd

-Malcolm In The Middle

-Fresh Prince of Bel Air

And of course the classics like:

-I love Lucy

-Monty Python

-All In The Family

-Are You Being Served?


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