Father’s Day Texting

21 Jun

Well, since I got some positive feedback about the text conversation in the Memorial Day post, I figured I’d post one for Father’s Day too.

My Brother: FATHER’S DAY!!!

Brother: Walgreens actually has a very nice sellection of ‘Thanks 4 screwin me up dad’ cards

Brother: U better b really busy or sleeping cause these r quality freakin lines

Me: I was sleeping but I’m glad u felt awkward for a while.
Me: 😉

B: I did NOT feel awkward. Maybe slightly uncomfortable there’s a big difference which i can’t get in2 right now

Me: Either way I win.

Me: U got me thinking tho. I think Im going to do a post about this. A great way of getting ppl to come to something like ur melaleuca pitch would be to post something like “oh my god im gonna kill myself” on ur facebook page and then dont write anything else 4 a few days. Ppl will think ur joking at 1st and wont comment, but then they’ll be all worried and keep trying to reach you. Then u write “im having melaleuca party at my house tonite. Ive been away for a few days. Sorry i couldnt write.”  Then everyone will call or write you like “u got me worried there” “good  to see ur ok”, then u say “thx. hey u coming to that melaleuca party tonite?” And they cant say no! Its brilliant!

B: My idea exactly. I only made it seem like ur silence got me uncomfortable so u cud realize the brilliance o my plan. N all this at the cost o letting u think u’d actually one a round. C how much i care about ur post?

Me: lol wow mind boggling

That was great, right? You know, I’m glad you find my life so interesting, because otherwise this would be a little narcississtic.


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