Why Weiner Got Screwed

26 Jun

Anthony Weiner got thrown under the bus for something pretty innocuous according to politician standards. Everybody knows, there’s normal people values, and powerful people values. This article asks, why did the party go after Weiner, when they protected Clinton after doing much worse?

One answer is that Weiner was a huge dick. He made his career by stomping on people to make himself look good. Look at some of his videos on youtube. He’s a Class A douchebag. You want to do that? Fine, but you’re on your own. Like everything else, politics is made up of people. Your success will attract people to your side, but once you’re down, you’ve got no allies to back you up.

Reminds me of another New York Democrat…

(Update: I accidentally left out the hyper-links when I posted this an hour ago. Hopefully, this should clear things up.)


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