Twisted Teenage Dream

6 Jul

What are you doing? Stop. STOP! You can not drive on the highway yet! Pull off to side of the road. NOW. Good.

Were you paying attention at all in class? You need to learn how to drive on the streets before you get onto the highway. You’re 17. Listen to me. I know you think, Driving’s so much fun! Screw Mr. Philips, let’s just go all the way tonight! No regrets at all, right? Just love and fun and ladidah. Life’s just one big party. We can dance until we die. We’ll be young forever!

God! You make me feel like I’m living in some teenage fuckin dream. You don’t give a damn. Even the way you turn it on. Fuck! I can’t sleep at night, do you know that? Oh, and don’t look back. No, God forbid, don’t ever look back. Just run away- until you kill someone. It’s not like a 2000 lb. piece of steel moving at 30 miles an hour is dangerous at all.

Danny, you need to look where you’re going. What if you hit someone while you’re looking around? You sideswipe someone and they’re dead. I swear, my heart stops when you look at me. Just one touch, one touch, and you’ll believe- Why are you fucking laughing?! This is real, damnit! You know what, go take a chance. Don’t look back. No really, don’t ever look back. You fucking twit.

(Sorry, it worked too well. I had to.)


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