Please End The Pop Rap

24 Jul

I tried to understand why I don’t like rap songs with music interludes like ‘All of the Lights’, and ‘Coming Home’. I mean, I like the song and the words are solid, what’s the problem?

I think it’s this. I’m trying to listen to music. The opening music part of ‘Coming home’ is great. I’m getting into it. Then some random dude pops in and reads me an essay. I don’t care if it’s the best essay in the world, it’s just distracting.

Someone should just tell him already, “Accept it, Diddy. You’re a good rapper, but you suck at singing. Yes, that means you’ll miss out on the song dollars, but you’ll still sell your rap albums.” Certain things work together, and certain things don’t. Just like I don’t want custard sushi, or wasabi donuts, I don’t want you talking over the song.”

And please, stop trying all these new ways to mesh the two. You’re just killing both of them. Diddy: “Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?” Backup singers: “Nooo-whoa.” Owww, stop. Having backup singers answer your rhetorical question is not a step in the right direction.

I’ll let Natasha Leggero rap this up:


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