Random Thoughts: Entertainment Edition

25 Jul

You realize you’re too old to play monopoly the first time someone yells, “Bend over and take it up the ass”. Or maybe that proves you’re never too old. I don’t know.

If I’m watching TV with someone and they pull out their cell phone, I automatically pull mine out too. I think it’s my way of saying, “See, I’m also too important to just watch a stupid movie. I also have a life.” Which is a lie.

Is there anything more satisfying than knifing someone from behind in Call of Duty? What was that? Getting laid? No, I mean in the real world.

Speaking of which, guns are so much fun. I think that if I was a spy or a hit man and I was waiting for the “mark” for too long, I would definitely start shooting random stuff. How could you not, right? The other guys would be like, “Could you stop that now?”, and I’d agree, but then I’d put on the silencer and do it again. They’d probably have to kill me.


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