Random Thoughts #6

12 Aug

Ok, I thought it was Thursday yesterday when I signed off for the week. I think the Monday Tisha Bav is still screwing with me. I got one more for this week:
Update:  Sources now tell me that yesterday was in fact Thursday. This whole debacle can prove very embarrassing for me and  needs to be hushed up. Thank you all for your cooperation.

I realized I might be playing too much Call Of Duty when I was driving home today. Traffic slowed and I looked up and saw a plane flying a little low. My first thought was, switch to rocket launcher.

Don’t you find it annoying when you catch someone staring at you while you’re people watching at shul? Hello-o. Rude!

You say “to-mah-to”, I say “please go away”.

I think there’s something messed up with society that the only real way to get a crazy kid to stop hitting you is to call his mother. The craziest little monkey wouldn’t attack a monkey 5 times his size. This may be progressive, but it sure as hell isn’t natural.

I want to  get a tattoo that says, I permanently deface my body for your approval .

Does this ever happen to you? Sometimes, when everyone starts answering “Amen”, I get an urge to answer “You would think so…”.


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  1. Gutman Braun August 15, 2011 at 4:55 pm #


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