The Henry Ford Museum Three-ever After

23 Aug

Well, it seems a couple of people think I pushed the racial line with my 2nd Henry Ford museum post. Apparently, mentioning that Detroit city is predominantly poor and black is taking it too far. Next time, I’ll only make fun of old people, midgets, Jews, nerds, and faygelehs (but not fags) so everybody can laugh guilt-free.

But I didn’t mean to offend anybody, so to make it up anyone who was, I’m starting off with pictures from the tolerance exhibit. As before, I will try my best to put the pictures into context, but I can’t promise it’s all going to be as accurate as if I’d read the little exhibit signs:

"The Imperial Night Hawk", an early action hero from KKKomics.

These appear to be tiny public washing machines from Alabama:

They said this was the Rosa Parks bus, but I remember it being grey with a white top in the picture in my 6th grade textbook , so I don't know.

Other exhibits:

Early version of the assembly line. "Over to the left a bit. Ok........drop."

A wall of old phones.

Holy crap! Is that the 1st gen iphone?


One Response to “The Henry Ford Museum Three-ever After”

  1. bendkaye August 23, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    “Take a dump in the whites!” – c’mon everybody! “Let’s take a dump-”


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