You Can Take The Jew Out Of Flatbush…

4 Sep

Come on, internet. This is the best I can get for "jewish disney"?

You ever notice how FFB’s (frum from brooklyn’s) will never talk to you once they leave Brooklyn? Like, I was just in Orlando with some friends, and I Jew-waved to everyone I could find. The Modern Orthodox crowd waved back and smiled (except when I was smoking in Disneyworld, which is apparently one step under raping Mickey from the looks I was getting from everyone who passed by). A Chossid on vacation with his family gave me a huge smile and hello. But when I did the same thing to the Yeshivish folks, I either got totally ignored or experienced the shifty-eyed no-smile Flatbush thing.

Flatbush people! Listen to me for a second: I know you’re going on vacation to escape all the Jews. All you want to do is pretend you’re a goy for a few days. Hey- it’s Disneyworld, the land of dreams. You’re eating cholov stam and davening at Chabad. I get it. But you can still talk to me even if I’m wearing a yarmulke. I promise you, I won’t ask you to come to a minyan at 4:00 next to “It’s a small world”. Really, I just want a friendly hello from a fellow tribe member.

So please, do me a personal favor and smile back the next time another Jew waves at you. And fix your wife’s hat, her hair’s showing.


2 Responses to “You Can Take The Jew Out Of Flatbush…”

  1. Gutman Braun September 5, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    …and until now I thought it was just me!

    • itchemeyer September 6, 2011 at 1:38 am #

      You can just call me the complex remover. 🙂

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