Random Thoughts #7: Slogans

6 Sep

-I want to make a Viagra commercial. “Viagra. Because on your salary, cheating’s not even an option.”

-Movies need to stop using the phrase “A Timeless Classic!”. That’s a contradiction in terms. How about: “Still Watchable At Very Late Hours!”

-I have a great idea for a Presidential campaign slogan: “My ends, your means.”

-And how about this State motto: “New Jersey. Family owned for over 80 years.”

-I want to put out one of those sentimental books that go viral, like Tuesdays with Mory, or Chicken Soup for the soul. The only problem is I’m not that upbeat. I couldn’t squeeze out a “5 people you meet in heaven” no matter how much you paid me. Maybe “5 people you meet in hell”. Look, there’s your father. And there’s your fifth grade teacher who used to hit you. I think it would be popular.


One Response to “Random Thoughts #7: Slogans”

  1. Anonymous September 12, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    Does this work anonymously?

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