Paranoia – Medication + Religious Robes = Entertainment

21 Nov

Ben Kaye shared this clip with me. If you have a chance, check out Brother N’s other videos including, “Israel’s Master Plan”- a real gem. This dude’s paranoia and Geraldo smile at inappropriate times are disturbing and funny at the same time. How come nutjobs are always attracted to religious costumes? Do they think it hides the crazy? It’s like fat kids wearing t-shirts at the pool. Maybe it hides it from a distance, but come closer and it’s popping out all over you.

An old Jewish saying comes to mind, namely that the worst enemies Jews have are usually self-hating Jews. You know, if this is the worst we have, I feel pretty damn good.

*Update: I don’t know what happened to the video when I posted this an hour ago. Some wires must have gotten crossed or something.


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