Turkey in Brisk?!?! (The Extra Punctuation Means It’s Going to be Exciting!)

24 Nov

My brother is learning in one of the Brisks and has reported eating turkey that was served there today. Unwittingly of course.

More news: This same loyal Yeshivaforum staff reporter has reported seeing a claw game machine with prizes consisting of cigarette packs wrapped in shekels. Upon mention of these curious prizes to the game establishment’s proprietor, said proprietor responded, “Yeah, it’s very meta, right? I first put a falafel in there with a cell phone tied to it, but I ran out too fast.”

In other news, that joke was really weak compared to the actual story and should have been left out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you’re eating with family, have a nice time. If you’re eating with friends, actually have a nice time. If you’re celebrating alone, please don’t kill yourself just yet, I need the readership to hit 20,000 views. If you don’t celebrate because it’s a goyishe holiday, but secretly want to, go to Black Friday shopping and be yotze lfi kol hadai’os.


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