Yelling Till You’re Pink

29 Nov

The Jblogosphere reports that speeches at the recent Agudah convention were focused on bashing things like the internet and something called post-haredism. Speaking of people yelling angrily about things they don’t quite understand, what the hell happened with Pink?

A long time ago, Pink had a genuine hit. My theory is that Pink didn’t quite understand what exactly the hit factor was in that song, and since then has been on a quest to figure it out. With increasingly embarrassing results. Her latest idea (still on the radio for some unfathomable reason) is to repeat phrases she hears the kids saying with no attempt at understanding them first.

Seriously: ‘Party crasher, penny snatcher, call me up if you are gangsta’?? Why isn’t there some manager or someone to say, “No, Pink, no.”

“Oh, but I keep hearing everyone say, ‘Gangsta’?”

“Yeah…no. Just go on.”

“Why so serious?-“

Sighhhh. “No.”

“Ok, I know you’ll like this, “Nitty gritty, dirty little freaks?” Hah? Hah?

The manager’s holding his head now. “Uhhhhhh. Very good, Pink. Um, yeah. Go on.”

“If you’re too school for cool”.

“No. No, no no. Just sit, sit! We’ll get someone else to write it, and you just put on your angry face and sing it. OK?

“Hey dude, I’m an artis-“

“Don’t you-don’t you fucking finish that word! Just shut the fuck up right now!”


2 Responses to “Yelling Till You’re Pink”

  1. bestbathroombooks November 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Yes We will always be dirty little freaks. I can’t wait until after menopause, when she sings this with a diaper on and it’s literal.
    Oh well, she outlasted Brittney.

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