Racism and Apikursus

6 Dec

It may not seem so at first glance, but these two issues are so closely related, I can’t decide which one is the mashal and which is the nimshal.

The problem I’m talking about is the “line in the sand”. These two issues are the line in the sand for our two societies, frum and secular. In either one, your behavior is overlooked as long as you don’t cross the line. Once you do that, you switch from “good” to “bad”. It’s a defensive, siege mentality that exists to bind the group members and keep the group’s perceived enemies out. And it becomes a problem when it exists in a normal society.

The frum problem is clearly larger than the secular one, so I’m going to start small and work my way up. Secular (Western) society, after experiencing a Holocaust and two world wars, decided it might finally be prudent to abandon the idea of superior races that had been swirling around since, what, feudal times? Roman times? Who knows. It was a dangerous idea that was no longer safe to play around with and feel superior than other people about, so it was banished. Any mention of the old ideas would brand you an enemy to society, and anything sounding suspicious would mark you suspect. The old ideas weren’t disarmed rationally, they were simply buried as is, under strict guard. But united against hate- what could be bad about that?

Well, for one thing, the problems that need to be addressed, aren’t, because there’s no safe way to bring up a discussion without sounding like the enemy and triggering the racist alarm. Ugly-sounding facts are not allowed to be spoken about, simply because they are verboten. Lower black-American test scores, higher percentage of black teen pregnancies, higher percentage of black incarceration, all these problems are staying the same or getting worse (here’s a sobering study), because introducing a change in policy is racist.

Another problem is that I think the old ideas aren’t really gone from people’s minds. They are simmering under the surface in the place where forbidden double-think thought goes, ready to explode should some large-scale, unexplainable catastrophe happen, for example the economy going under, just like it did in Nazi Germany. Don’t think so? Look at the blame being thrown around on illegal aliens (that’s Mexians in single-think) and Jews in Wall Street (a 90% Jew club, of course) for the current state of the economy. Or look a little deeper at the ratio of mixed-race marriages. Here’s one: White/Asian is at 1%, while White/Black is at 0.4% This fits well with established racist hierarchies, but not that well with minority group percentage figures which put Black Americans at 13% of the population and Asians at 4.5%.

Is there a better way to deal with this and still keep the racist ideas contained? Yes, I think so. I think that, as a nation, we are at the point where it’s safe to discuss race openly. As a society, I think we’re enlightened enough to know that there are many causes to problems with society, and that the all-time obvious one -“that boy’s a different color”- doesn’t really answer anything. There are, and probably will always be, some people who say the word, “black” or “Jew” like it’s a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to stop saying it, or dance around with P.C. nonsense like “African-American”. When you stop saying something because you’re afraid of the power it might have, you are the one giving it power, and keeping it in the underlying consciousness of everyone in society. Letting these issues see the light of day, exposing them to reality, is the only way to dry up whatever lingering, festering substance still remains in them.

Oh, and same thing with apikursus ideas, except different in some ways. Didn’t realize how long the race issue would take.


2 Responses to “Racism and Apikursus”

  1. Anonymous December 7, 2011 at 6:44 am #

    So you’re saying that frum people have buried their problems alive and that the problems are ready to rise from their graves should conditions change….so everyone should act like mature adults and talk about stuff?

    Are you nuts? Have you ever tried doing this on even a small scale? I mean, my boyfriend is like that, a few of my friends are like
    that….but the rest of the world? Especially people over the age of 30? Whatever you’re smoking must sell for a good price.

    • itchemeyer December 7, 2011 at 7:07 am #

      😉 Yeah, maybe the solutions don’t match up as well as the problems do.

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