More Mothereffing PSA’s

19 Feb

I already wrote a sick post about PSA’s here. Not that everything on the greatest site in the world isn’t sick. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Wait, did the greatest site in the world link right back here? Straaange. The internet knows too. What was I talking about? Right, mothereffing public service announcements.

The latest batch of “The more you know” brand of PSA’s really makes an impact. I think it’s because I watch shows on demand, where the commercials repeat themselves in the same exact order when you go through a season of shows. The result being that what was originally just a slight annoyance becomes a full blown hatred of whichever minor celebrity is trying to pretend their lives have value.

I started to watch this stupidly entertaining show called Grimm because when you’re scraping the barrel, anything salvageable becomes terrific. Anyhow, this commercial comes on every time they break: Try not to punch the computer screen please. Granted, not as vomit-inducing as this smiley, singing douchebag, but enough to make me curse under my breath at the tv after enough viewings (not hyperbole).

I don’t understand why they can’t make PSA’s that are just informative without being manipulative. Just tell me whatever obvious thing I already know, like punching children is not appropriate behavior, and that’s it. Why must you put in a totally unqualified, self-congratulatory actor/asshole to smile while delivering me a condescending message? Now I want to punch children even more. Don’t they have professional manipulators at the ad council who know how to make me buy sugar water? Why don’t they put in a drop of effort into these tax-payer funded pieces of shit?

And hulu has officially closed the commercial gap with TV, so there’s absolutely no reason not to download shows anymore. That just needs to be said.


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