Purim…still the Reigning King of Holidays.

6 Mar

Purim is the one day a year that makes being yeshivish the rest of the time worth it. Ok, so we don’t have the warmth of chassidus or the normalcy of Modern Orthodoxy. We are stuck in a non-stop competition to out-Jew each other. But that’s what makes purim so awesome.

The pressure cooker is let up for one day where you get to party, dress up as whatever you want, drive around with your music blasting, dance in the street, give and take food from anyone you like, hand out money to anyone more unfortunate than you, drink until your frenemies turn back to just friends, and reconnect with the world.

I remember a halacha that says if you’re alone on purim, you do all the rituals by yourself. Read the megillah, give yourself a present, have a seudah (meal). That’s just horrible. Purim is about getting drunk enough to let your true self out in order to connect with other drunk people. There are no walls on purim; we’re all one. Man, I sound like a hippy chassid. But it’s true. People who waste their purim trying to score or burn themselves out giving shalach manos to a million people are missing everything.

Purim is the holiest day of the year. I really believe that. If you make the purim connection, you can live on those fumes the whole year. Every other holiday will tap into that connection and give you a little jolt, but it’s all dependent on you going deep inside to plug that cord into something real. All other holidays are between you and God. You have to make an effort to contemplate and meditate and think about it. Because of that, they’re all a little theoretical and removed. Purim is about the human element. You don’t need to think. Thinking just distances you from everyone. The megillah doesn’t mention God’s name once. Because that’s not the point of the story. That’s not how you survive a 2,000 year exile with your soul intact. You do so by getting plastered.


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