New TV Show: Manhattan: Survival.

15 Mar

God, I miss you so bad.

I’m looking forward to Community and Game of Thrones starting soon. But, frankly, other than those 2, most TV shows are crap. Come on, why do they keep making these crappy, formulaic shows? They come on for a season or two and get cancelled. Then, I’m guessing, another asshole in a suit pitches the exact same idea, but with different pretty people, in a different location, and the other suits lean back and go “Cha-ching! This is what we’re looking for. It’s gonna be huge!”

You need to take chances to get a hit. Try things people haven’t seen a million times. Like my idea- Manhattan: Survival.

Here’s the premise. You ever been to Manhattan? It’s jam-packed with people, but like any big city, is entirely reliant on food and supplies being shipped in and out every day. Billions of tons of everything come into the city to restock the 50,000 pizza shops, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. Now, let’s say something happens. Nobody understands what it is, but  an invisible barrier is put up around the island. No demands are made, no communication, no signs of alien presence, but all the bridges and tunnels are exploded simultaneously, all cellular, satellite, cable communication is cut off around the island. Any ships are exploded on contact with the invisible barrier. Now, go.

There are a million stories happening. Within days, all the food is gone or hoarded. Lone people and families don’t stand a chance. Homeless people are better off, because they can scavenge better and live on less. One episode can follow a businessman trying to survive, and a homeless guy he used to give money to taking him under his wing when no-one else will. Gangs will rule, like in feudal countries. I don’t know where Manhattan gets it’s power from, but if there’s a river generator, it’s going to fought over. Gangs of kids from Harlem will probably move south into the rest of the island. The Chinese mafia might be able to muster a small force. But the main force will be the police. Maybe a few rogue national guard units will carve out a little fiefdom.

Parks will be fought over as arable land. All pets will be eaten within a week. A good few episodes will be lone families or buildings or blocks being harassed by gangs for a while and turning to the police. The police protect them, but for a price, of food, etc. Eventually, they are the rulers of whoever’s left on the island, with small pockets controlled by other small factions, constantly warring with each other.

Starvation and disease from dying bodies is going to take care of millions, but eventually the land, roads, building tops will be turned into farmland and the island will be able to support a few thousand people. Doctors and scientists will be hoarded by gangs. Computers will be turned back on through river/sun run generators, people will start a new semi-feudal, modern life. Powerful ruling family dynasties will be established. Peaces will be brokered between the “Police” and the smaller “Guards” and “Crips”. All the while, the barrier is still up and nobody knows why. Is it an alien social experiment? Are they planning to attack? Are other cities similarly attacked? Then, after a few generations, in the middle of an epic war over battery park or whatever, the barrier just comes down, and now America wants to reincorporate the city.

There. That’s at least 5 seasons of constantly developing plot lines, emotional relationships, and crazy-cool scenes. Please don’t put on another criminal investigation/nurse with issues/sitcom with jokes made famous on Happy Days. I’m begging you.

P.S. The Office isn’t original. It’s a watered-down soap opera with a handful of almost-jokes. And every show on USA sucks balls. And Bones is raping our children’s souls with Aids. That’s right. With aids. There’s so much aids, it’s formed a solid crust over anything underneath. Everything good is just eaten away by this evil until it’s just this petrified piece of solid Aids. And then, it’s just…it’s just horrible. It’s almost as bad as the disney channel.


2 Responses to “New TV Show: Manhattan: Survival.”

  1. bestbathroombooks March 15, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    Hey Man. Good premise. I’d watch it. Ever read Stephen King’s Under the Dome? Similar situation in a small town that ends in Armageddon. Also, you must have read George Carlin’s Napalm and Silly Putty? He’s got all kinds of crazy game show ideas–like putting all violent criminals on an island and handing out weapons and filming the hunt.
    Kinda sounds like Manhattan.

    • itchemeyer March 15, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

      I read napalm and silly putty. Just looked up Under the dome- pretty amazing how similar it is. Thanks.

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