My Gay Bashing Post

22 Mar

I feel uncomfortable making any negative comments about gay people since they seem to be in a war now, with teams drawn up and everything. But I really don’t have anything against gay people, so I’m going to say this anyway. Hopefully, you all won’t take is as me choosing sides.

It seems to me that some gay men have too high an opinion of themselves. You don’t find most straight, non-celebrities describing their life like “(it’s been) ‘x’ years since I started my incredible journey” (heavily edited direct quote), or talking about how spiritual and inspirational they are, or generally being enraptured by their own super-specialness. They might want people to think so, but they generally have a pretty firm grasp on how other people actually see them. Not so with gay men.  No. To be specific, young gay men.

My researchless, probably jilted, opinion based on the handful of openly gay men I know and a few case studies I read on the toilet one time is that it has to do with a close connection to a specific type of mother and a distance from a father figure at an early developmental stage. Here’s the part where people who can read books that don’t have pictures come in and make my theory sound intelligent. Going further down this track, though, I’d assume as gay men get older and more experienced, they probably gain a more balanced view of the reality the rest of us have the pleasure of calling this Hellish Plane of Existence. They’re going to have a power-hungry boss, or friends who are jerks, or life-partners at some point. It’s probably very hard to come to grips with that new reality though. Wait, here’s more proof: you don’t see many flamboyant straight men, right? I think flamboyant gay men are mimicking their mothers, who they identify with more. Ok, it doesn’t matter that my hypotheses suck, my observation still stands. Whatever the reason, this annoys me and I’m complaining about it.

I know someone’s going to tear me a new one, but before you start, I want to throw in here that I don’t have a personal problem with gayness. Whatever two grown adults decide to do to get some joy out of this craphole (shut up, that’s disgusting) is their own business as far as I’m concerned. What I’m saying is, I don’t hate gay people because of their homosexuality. I hate the portion of them that do things which piss me off. So if you think about it, I’m basically John Lennon. People get too caught up on the externalities that separate us. Can’t we all just get along and hate each other for who we are as human beings? If we all agree that all people have issues and peculiarities that piss other people off we should be able to identify those piss-off behaviors of different groups of people and insult those people without thinking any less of them. Because it’s impossible to think any less of them than we already do. Am I being clear here? Peace through hatred, people. It’s the best way. Peace through hatred.


5 Responses to “My Gay Bashing Post”

  1. bestbathroombooks March 22, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    It’s hard to click LIKE on this one because someone might take offense, but I applaud your honesty and bravery in a homophobic and homophillic world. Flamboyant people may offend you and that’s OK. They may be gay, and they can still annoy you. There are black people who get annoyed at other black people for being too ghetto.
    I’d like to hear from the gay men who are annoyed by the gay parade Daisy Dukers.
    Also, I’m white, and there are plenty of white people who annoy the shit out of me. You’re not being violent in your comments, and you accept gay peoples’ right to do what they want. Maybe as a Jew you’ve experienced some discrimination, and so you have a little more of a perspective on what persecution is all about.

    • itchemeyer March 22, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

      Thanks for not leaving me hanging 🙂 I believe in equal opportunity bashing. If you see something, say something. Except against Jews of course 🙂

      • James June 1, 2013 at 4:37 pm #


  2. James June 1, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    First I like how you said you almost held your tongue because there was a war going on about it and that made me laugh. I know were your thought about this is coming from and understand what you are saying and a percentage of what you say has some truth to it, in fact I would say the majority of what you said is true. But not all young gay men are like that. Its only the ones that walk with booty shorts and look like the typical stereotype gays, because the are the stereotype gay. But some are very “toned down” and are still very young. But I have met the ones that you are talking about cause I am gay. Also about watching the **** out of gay divorce’s I would to!

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