Why I’m Pro-Plastic Surgery (sometimes)

30 Mar

I don’t how many of you are still with me here after some of my recent posts, and I’m probably going to lose a few more of you now, but here goes:

This plastic surgery thing is still going around the Jblogs, so obviously this has kicked up something deep. First off, I want to say I’m against pushing cosmetic plastic surgery to anyone, and of course not to 20-something year old sheltered seminary girls. That’s totally wrong. However, plastic, gastric, and whatever other surgery is an option that women (and men) have the right to make. There’s nothing morally wrong with it.

Modern, first-world, society is a super-connected, tightly packed mass of humanity. Everyone is competing with everyone from everywhere in the world. Certain facial and body shapes and features have been decided to be most desirable because of social, historical, and to a very minor extent, biological factors. Everybody is now competing for these few individuals who have been deemed better people for these tangential reasons. The internet, tv, movies, are presenting these people to us as superior since before we can even talk. Associations of certain facial types with being heroes or better people are rampant, especially in children’s TV (looking at the Disney Channel, it looks like nothing has changed even with all the backlash).

So, what’s a person with a body that was geared to be evolutionarily fitted out for survival and mating in their own region of the world supposed to do now that all their gear and upgrades are suddenly rendered useless? They developed DNA to be able to store nutrition for a rainy day much better than everyone else. They are able have children 10x easier than other people. They can stay out in the sun longer than other people. These used to be important. Suddenly, these features are rendered useless by technology, geography, history. Not only that, they are detriments to finding a mate. What are people supposed to do? Remutate? Go die alone? No, they are designed for survival and reproduction. They use any tool they have to meet these biological imperatives. If people associate long noses or small chins or round shoulders with certain moral characteristics because of superstitions started in 11th century Germany and are therefore pushing you away, you cut that thing in half. Or move out of NY.

You didn’t choose that nose, or even to be born. You were forced into this world and given a job (ok, a fun job) that you must do or live in agony.  I don’t see how anyone can make a case for this not being natural or honest. Well, I can. Because most people are simplistic fuckin idiots.

P.S. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying someone is responsible or is at fault for not having elective surgery. I’m only saying if nature and a mentally unhealthy society f’d you, you have every right to stack the deck now.

P.P.S. Something that I think has arguable basis for being made illegal is Photoshopping models. But then you’d have to ask why camera tricks and makeup and surgically altered people are allowed in movies, which is a case you can’t win in our legal system. Just look at the what the entertainment industry is doing to the courts and congress over copyright laws.


2 Responses to “Why I’m Pro-Plastic Surgery (sometimes)”

  1. Jackie April 26, 2012 at 8:46 am #

    After reading the whole thing, lady gaga’s born this way shot into my head (please don’t hurt me…).

    Anyway, plastic surgery, or anything for that matter, shouldn’t be pushed to anyone. It should be just an option, a choice, and not a necessity. Just like this mom who gave here cute 7-year daughter a liposuction voucher: http://www.plasticsurgeryguide.com/liposuction-voucher-for-a-seven-year-old.html, it’s like saying that this magical coupon will make her instantly beautiful. She’s narrowing her kid’s knowledge of what beautiful is. Well, the kid still has the choice to use the voucher when she grows up, but the problem is she got that now, as a child, with little idea of what body image and self-esteem truly are. And that’s just wrong. But hey, it’s a f’d up world. Go crazy…

    • itchemeyer April 27, 2012 at 2:19 am #

      I agree with you. Im making a different point, that as an adult, if you find yourself being screwed over because of looks, theres no moral problem with getting plastic surgery.

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