1 Apr

Here’s a post I did last year for Pesach. I can’t see myself ever writing something like this now, but since a total of 3 people probably saw this when I first posted it, and I put a lot of thought into it, I’ll repost it here. If you like it, awesome.


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The Pesach story is one of those parts of the Torah that makes me think that God was involved. Not because of the tales of supernatural events. Rather, it is the masterful, realistic portrayal of human nature in these verses that causes me to take the story seriously.

The Pesach story deals with a theme that is central to what is known in pop psychology as self-actualization. It is this lesson that the Gemara says we are supposed to take out of retelling the Pesach story on the Seder nights. How exactly do we do this? By “Starting with saying the bad, and ending with saying the good”. The Amora ‘Rav’ says this means starting the story by telling over our idolatrous beginnings and ending with God introducing us to monotheism. ‘Shmuel’ says it’s done by starting with our slavery to Pharaoh and ending with our miraculous…

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