Yeshiva Nights- female version

21 May

By: Frumgirl


Another shabbos stroll with this bitchy gang
Across the street you yeshiva guys hang
I bet we’d be friends, you’d think I was cool
But don’t tell the girls lest they think I’m a fool
You attempt a good shabbos as we pass and ignore
Or if feeing generous a good shabbos but not more
I think to myself that this can’t be right
But the girls don’t seem to mind and I’m not one to fight
In some parallel universe I’d be your friend
But along with these girls I have to pretend
Now you’re following us just a few feet behind
Following protocol, we all pretend to mind
“Omg they’re like obsessed, what is their deal”
But I know all you want is to talk to us for real
I secretly stick out my foot as if kicking you away
Knowing you’ll chop that it’s just for play
Mission accomplished you shout for an encore
My friends do not know of what you want more
(Of course I don’t out myself as the resident whore)
They don’t have to know, the secret’s for us
One day it’ll be different and we’ll talk without this fuss


(IMeyer: In case you don’t get the title, this was written by Frumgirl in response to my post here:



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