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Random Thought: Coffee

19 Oct

I think it’s very good to have a freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Because coffee resembles your day much more than you realize.

When you just wake up and make the coffee, the smell is amazing. It’s fresh, delicious- gonna be the best coffee you’ve ever had. After you drink it for a little and try to capture that sense you first had though, it never really measures up. You realize it’s the same boring, slightly bitter tasting coffee you have every day.

Sometimes you’re determined to make your coffee taste good, so you mix all sorts of syrupy crap into it, but it all tastes fake and you finally accept that no matter what you do to it or how far you travel to get it, coffee is shit.



More Random Thoughts

17 Jul

Opening yourself up to new experiences can be great. Like, at first everybody says, it’s great plain, why would I want to put that in it? Then you try it and you think, wow, that was awesome, I’m never going back! What?! No, you perv, I’m talking about pancakes with chocolate chips in them.

I always make sure to buy fair trade. I also think that a bag of 100% Colombian coffee is worth 3 Mexican women.

Nobody’s coming into your club because you call it an “Upscale Gentleman’s Club”. I’m betting you could call it Jerkoff Junction and the same folks would still show up.

Impressed by the success of Haagen Dasz’s line of ice creams with only 5 simple ingredients called ‘5’, Edy’s launched it’s own product lineup. ’24’ is expected to hit stores Monday.

I was on a date and the girl asked me: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I thought, “I hope not, because that would make you lesbian.

Something For Shavuos

7 Jun

Here’s a nice dvar torah for you to enjoy before shavuos. It’s from Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, the lead editor of Chabad.org, and describes the uniqueness of Torah. I know you don’t usually come here for divrei torah, but he’s good. He’s broad minded (like me! I read stuff from chabad!), entertaining and creative. Plus this piece is not too long.

Tzvi Freeman on ‘Torah’

Anyhow, hope you all have a good time staying up eating cheesecake and coffee with the boys. Or if you’re fleishig, chowing down on some delicious shul spongecake.

Look at that picture. It’s pornographically delicious. Can you taste those blintzes? Me so hungry.