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Too Much Talent, Too Little To Live For= Youtube Gold

17 Feb

(The music sucks, but just bear with it.)

And if you don’t have the time to sit through all that:

Oh, now you want more? Ok:

One more?


How To Hack A Coke Machine

9 Feb

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Shit Middle Eastern Guys Say

20 Jan

Most of these Shit ___ say videos are just offensive without being funny, but this one’s actually good.

*Update: I’m in the middle of reading Elie Wiesel’s book Souls On Fire about the original Chassidishe Rebbes, and it’s amazing. Someone should do a video like Stuff Early Rebbes Said vs. Stuff Rebbes Today Said.

The Voca People

27 Oct

Have you seen this before? This group is Israeli, but other than the “Heet me baby won more time”, and the costumes they’ve used since they were still Sperm Man Group, you really can’t tell. They’re great.

Random awesome comment I saw while looking for more beatboxing on youtube: On a video of a 12 year old Russian girl beatboxing- In Russia, the box beat you. Here’s that video.