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My excellent adventure through youtube (part 51,637)

8 Feb


led to…

and this…

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Update on The Rude Youtube Video

10 Nov

sorry regret retraction

A week ago I posted a video here: https://yeshivaforum.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/its-not-rude-if-its-for-youtube/ with an accompanying angry rant. Frumsatire just posted the video and one commenter wrote:

Gella November 9, 2011 at 6:50 PM

It is satirical. Like I said, it was a video made for purim. It was a joke. The joke was that JTS students are so broke and desperate for internships that singing on the subway for change counts as an internship.

Had I known that, I wouldn’t have been so harsh. Someone at JTS should use some sechel and not post all their inside jokes on youtube with no explanation, but other than that, I have no tainos on them. “Gella” says it was a joke, and I actually believe her. It’s exactly the kind of toothless, played-out, yoitzeh zein “purim humor” you get out of most institutions.

Sorry for pouring that steaming cup of hateorade out on you, Ms. Jewish cantor. I didn’t realize you were getting screwed too.

It’s Not Rude If It’s For Youtube

2 Nov

*Post updated. Please see here.*

This excruciating video was recently posted on another site. I didn’t want to say anything at first because everyone else liked it, but another guy commented how rude it was to the people in the car with her, and that let the floodgates out. 

I don’t know where to begin. Fine. I know I’m going to sound like a bitter old man here, but when did it become “cute” and “fun” to be rude and annoying to other people in order to promote yourself online? And you know what, it would be one thing if it was that 20 year girl doing this for fun. She has an excuse to still be an idiot. *Fuckin’ kids and their damned you tubes.* This cantor woman is over 30! Have some mrrfrrking consideration you *****************.

I’m really tempted to blame it on college life. I know that would be unfair to some college students out there who aren’t spoiled 30 year olds just sitting on their asses learning medieval Jewish cantoring, riding subways during the day for fun, and fucking assistant professors, but being in a sheltered environment your whole life really warps your worldview. You lose touch with reality.

It’s the same thing that pisses me off about the Occupy people. These people can sit out there for weeks on end with Ipads and designer glasses, protesting so that the bad people in suits who go to work everyday should give them more free shit. The most ironic thing about the Occupiers is that 90% of people both agree with what they’re saying and wish they would just shut their whiny Narcissistic mouths and go away.

And Now…Youtube Videos From Afghanistan

28 Oct

Look at that awesome kid. That beats National Geographic any day of the week.

“This is a rap I wrote for Jennifer: Jennifer, Jennifer, you so fine, I’d trade your father 3 goats to make you mine. Come on Jenny, my hovel is pimpin, my village is mostly standing, and we don’t rape boys anymore. Oh Jenny! I spy with my one good eye, someone wants a taste of Afghani pie. That’s right, bitches. Hey, where’s she at anyhow?”

My dearest Amy,

Today our unit was thrust into the thickest of the violence once again. My thoughts turned to you once more to give me strength. I am safe, praise God, but am having some difficulty walking.

Eternally yours,


Have a good Shabbos everyone.